We're Not Your Average Delivery Service

We help farmers and local purveyors get the best food in their region to you. We save you time, help you answer the nagging question of “what’s for dinner” and we support dozens of local suppliers in each community we serve. If it isn’t obvious, we aren’t your average “meal delivery company”. We source the absolute best local ingredients, pair them with quick + delicious recipes, our boxes are carefully packed with minimal packaging, and we personally deliver this goodness right to your doorstep, nothing is ever shipped.

We want you to feel like you are part of our family. We’ll introduce you to the amazing people that raise, make or harvest your food, you’ll meet the team that curates, gathers and delivers each SOL box, and you can even join us in fundraising campaigns to support local non-profits. Without you, we cannot change our food system.

Parents...Let us curate and deliver weekly lunch kits for your kids!

We know that  we're all wearing different hats these days.  We get it; sometimes it can be overwhelming. That’s why we have created The Lunch Box...a seasonal assortment of the best our local food system has to offer that serves as the foundation for five nutritious meals that are all simple to make!

We've been feeding school children of all ages and grade levels for years. We've taken what we’ve learned about what excites kids and decided to deliver it straight to your door. We want to make eating well as easy as possible for you. Follow us on social media and we will even show you and your kiddos how to make some of the meals, introduce you to some of the farmers and artisans that made the food, and explain the benefits of eating it. We strive to keep it simple and to empower kids to jump in the kitchen and help out themselves. New offerings will be available each week! Click the link below to see what we are offering this week...

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Know Your Farmers...Know Your Food!

We here at The SŌL Box believe that it is our responsibility to support those that are "doing things right" when it comes to the food that they produce for us to eat.  We all need to learn about the "who, how and why" when it comes to the way things are produced in our food system.
Click on the picture of Happy Hens owners Chloe and Luie Nevarez to read about their uncompromising approach to farming. You'll be happy to know that their beautiful eggs are what you've been receiving in your Lunch Boxes the last few weeks!

Southern California - Weekly SŌL Box delivery with multiple options coming soon!

We are now finalizing details so that we can be up and running full steam ahead before the end of the year. At that point, we will be fully operational with a new website that will allow you to choose weekly between various curated boxes and specialty items. There are no memberships, subscription fees or long-term commitments. You simply order what you want, when you want. We are confident that you will want to come back again and again on your own! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our email list. We want to be able to send you our newsletter to keep you informed about all the good things coming your way; including some fun give-a-ways.

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Thanks to all of you!

One of the best parts of our recent test runs for us was the opportunity to see so many of your smiling faces while delivering the boxes to your homes. We look forward to making this the best possible experience for our local farmers and for you our valued customer. Together we can all eat nutritious real food, get back to having fun in the kitchen and strengthen the local food system within our own community. We honestly can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Locally Curated From Only the Best

Each week we work with dozens of local producers to bring you the freshest seasonal ingredients. You'll discover new foods, meet new producers, and enjoy eating seasonally without the hassle.

Sustainably Produced

The decisions we make now will impact the health of our soil, air and water for future generations. Because of this, we have set high standards when selecting our producers.

When you choose The SOL Box, you are helping dozens of small family businesses thrive. You're also reducing your carbon footprint, increasing food security, and keeping our environment clean.

Delivered From Our Farms To Your Door

We create a beautiful nutritious box filled with local ingredients. We pack it all up including step-by-step recipes and everything else you need and deliver it to your home.

See what other So-Cal locals are telling us about their SŌL Box...


“Awesome presentation!!!!  Awesome quality!!!!  Awesome recipes!!!!  Congrats on your new business, and this is going to BE HUGE!!!”


"Holy smokes!!!!! The box of a lifetime! Only the best and it proves itself with every product it contains. And those sweet peas tho! 😍 one of my favorite springtime flowers. Our hearts are so grateful and full."


"Thank you for the sol box! I am amazed how many different seasonings, herbs and veggies were packed in there. So many little details you all had to figure out and source and assemble. Wow. It’s all way more than I expected. So excited to try the final meal."




"This box is amazing! 😍 And loved the flowers - thank you. These are all the things we would normally buy at the farmers market. Really fantastic."


"Dinner was delicious! Thank you. Everyone very happy. And full!"

Eat Real Food AND Strengthen Your Local Food System!


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Founder Hilary Boynton

A mother, real food advocate, entrepreneur, school lunch lady, author, and former Amish Co-op leader;  Hilary and her company School of Lunch (SOL) have teamed up with Acme Farms and Kitchens to help get sustainable, nutrient dense food from local farmers and food purveyors to your door. Her goal is to get families back in the kitchen cooking together, while helping responsible farmers get their food to the masses. She knows that eating healthy CAN be affordable and fun...and she's going to show you how to do it! Her story is one of empowerment and inspiration...

More About Hilary

Our Producers

We are nothing without our team of farmers, local food purveyors, and artisan craftsman. They have supported us here in LA for years as we have worked to change school lunch programs; and have provided us with the undeniable proof that nutrition and science play a critical role in a child's development. They have given us the means to nourish our own health, and to heal loved ones.They are the backbone of what we call Regen-Living...the idea that we must all work to build sustainable systems within our minds and bodies that coexist in symbiotic relationship with our environment and community.

Meet Our Producers

We help you save time, money and answer the question
"what's for dinner?" while supporting dozens of farmers, fishers, ranchers, and artisan producers throughout our region.


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A Look Back At Our First Two Boxes...

For those of you who are just hearing about us and missed out, or those who want to reminisce about all the beautiful real food that was delivered to their doorsteps...we thought we'd show you how we roll!

SŌL Box Week #1          "Fiesta Time"

Our first ever SŌL Box had fiesta written all over it; featuring black beans from local staple Kandarian Organic Farms, and everything you needed to make your own salsa with fresh summer vegetables from Frecker Farms. These served as a perfect side to tacos made with Southern California raised grass-fed beef from Watkins Cattle Company.  For the vegetarians, what better to stuff a taco with this time of year than fresh local summer squash and sweet potatoes! Throw in some eggs and the best jarred tomatoes we could find from Jovial Foods, some organic spices; and you had the makings of some tasty huevos rancheros. Of course, our handy recipe cards suggested that you scoop it all up with the authentic tortillas made by LA's own Masienda; made from the highest quality Oaxacan single-origin corns. Both meals were topped off with our locally curated artisan creme fraiche and cheddar cheese, and then drizzled with fermented hot sauce made by our friend Chele Eades at Wildly Fermented. Lastly, for a gut-health treat, our debut box included Organic Pastures raw kefir with locally grown strawberries and Redmond Real Sea Salt. Blended together this surely made a heavenly smoothie!  

SŌL Box Week #2         "Summertime Muse"

This box was delivered to your homes on the first day of summer, or as we like to call it the “SŌLstice”. It featured a lime & spice marinated free-range organic chicken with a cherry tomato cucumber salad and roasted potatoes; all drizzled with a creamy cilantro sauce. For the vegetarians, the same dish was available with beautiful marinated local Portobello mushrooms. The next dish was a handmade pasta from Santa Monica favorite Colapasta, with asparagus, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, fresh garlic, Italian parsley, and a light lemony dressing. By popular demand, we baked each of you a handmade loaf of our long-ferment sourdough bread, made with freshly milled California grains. Our sourdough uses wild yeast to create a product that is gentle on your stomach, high in nutrition and tastes great…especially topped with the provided jar of organic, small-batch, seasonal jam from Batch 33. We hope you washed it all down with the jar of organic almond milk from our very good friends at Good Mylk. Lastly, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to give you a little gut-health boost, so we tossed in a jar of fermented Peruvian Sauerkraut from Real Food Devotee.


School of Lunch & Acme - Stronger Together!

In order to make our dream of getting as many people to eat real food as possible, we've teamed up with Acme Farms + Kitchen. For the last decade Acme has provided sustainable meal boxes to the Pacific Northwest. They will help us learn and grow in order to get real food directly to you from farmers, food producers, and restaurants that no longer have the demand that they need to thrive.

We will work in unison with Acme and their other local hubs nationwide to grow a thriving community so that everyone can have access to sustainable food. After you order our specially curated box that we put together for you this week, check them out at to see what we will look like in a few weeks!

We are deeply grateful for their help and commitment to making the world a better place.


Eat Local Real Food.


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